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Hello Students, Welcome to my Website. I hope you are doing well. Through this website I offer you bulk of Study Materials in XI (Level-1) and XII (Level-2) courses in +2 Level. This will be very helpful for your Physics preparation for Board Exam as well as for exam at Competitive level. From this website you can get huge number of Physics Formula which are basically very helpful conceptual points on several chapters of XI and XII syllabus. These conceptual points at both basic and advanced level are very required for you for Board Exam and specially for Competitive Exam.

I also offer you lots of MCQs with answer that will be very useful for your home practice at competitive level. You can give online test through this website for the judgement of your own preparation in Physics and you can also participate in my Live Classes for understanding Physics and also for doubt clearing through Live Chat.

My goal in this website is to make your preparation for Engineering Entrance Exams like IIT JEE, SAT, Medical Entrance in the subject of Physics painless and enjoyable. In addition to it, you must also get in-depth grip on the concepts of Physics after watching my lectures with a bit of patience.

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